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Barre m


Barre M is a ballet based barre workout, where you will achieve a full-body workout concentrating on the areas women struggle with the most: hips, thighs, seat, abdominals and arms.



Pilates is an innovative and safe system of mind and body exercise using a mat or a variety of equipment and props. Pilates is aimed to develop optimal strength.



We have developed a unique technique to help you recover from your injury and pain, to bring you to a state of fitness where you are fitter and stronger.

Megha Kawale

Meet The Woman Behind
The Rehab Pilates Revolution

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What We Offer


Reformer Pilates

This class is a unique, non-stop reformer workout system that uses intensive exercises that tone, strengthen, and lengthen the entire body focusing on large and small muscle groups.

Barre M

Barre M is a ballet based barre workout with intervals of cardio, strength training, stretch and recovery. Muscles are worked to fatigue and stretched out for release that help them the tone faster.


Rehab Pilates

Rehab Pilates is a unique technique to help you recover from your injury and pain, to bring you to a state of fitness where you are fitter and stronger than before your condition.


Mat Sculptt

This class a total body Pilates mat workout with emphasis on breathe, core, form, alignment and core engagement. Using props like playground ball, pilates ring, and flex bands this workout


Private Session

Private pilates sessions are one on one personal attention. These are beneficial as the instructor can design a program for your specific needs and goals. In private classes, you get a better understanding


Private Duet

Private duet pilates session is a session comprising of 2 people which ensure optimum level of personal attention. Here the instructor will take you through the series of exercises to work different group muscles

What Our Clients Say

Isheta Salgaocar

When I first moved back from New York to Bombay one of my primary concerns was finding a space that will push my boundaries of working out and strength, while keeping up with the latest practices in fitness. In Megha’s training with Pilates mat classes, reformer sessions and Barre classes I found that space. Working out with her is more like therapy which gives you results instantly. I have never been fitter, stronger or felt this good. Megha has a singular focus of making you the fittest version of yourself by tailoring workout according to each ones needs, while maintaining hawk-eye supervision across each client and session..

Gayatri Rangachari Shah

Megha is the reason I wake up in the morning. She helped me lose those final few kilos which are always the hardest to shed and helped me tone, tighten and lengthen. Most of all, she made me fit in a way that can be maintained lifelong. I love the reformer and the barre classes are as good if not better than any I have been to in New York or London – it helps that Megha’s a DJ!! I love the energy and vibe of the class and its a great community of fitness enthusiasts – many of whom are my friends! Thank God for Megha and her studio, it gets me through life in Mumbai.

Allia Al Rufai

Megha’s strength confidence and passion makes her an ideal instructor . She driven by the core values she instills in her clients and I truly admire her relentless determination and thirst to see results . My Pilates journey with Megha has been a highly therapeutic one of sorts , it’s my timeout from my busy schedule to focus on me and she makes it enjoyable .

Lara Morakhia

Megha is the perfect pilates instructor. She motivates me to achieve my fitness goals and adapts exercises to challenge participants. I highly recommend Pilates with Megha to everyone at any age regardless of fitness level. Unlike other exercise regimes, Pilates has strengthened and toned my body, improved my posture, and strengthened my core. Megha is knowledgeable and committed to Pilates and she brings her enthusiasm to every session.

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