Megha Kawale




Reformer Pilates

This class is a unique, non-stop reformer workout system that uses intensive exercises that tone, strengthen, and lengthen the entire body focusing on large and small muscle groups. It pushes the reformer workout to a higher level with quick transitions for more exercises, maintaining a fast and challenging pace at every level. The intense and fun workouts on the machines help your body and mind to engage your core for faster, superior and lasting results.

Barre M

This is a ballet barre based workout with intervals of cardio, strength training, stretch and recovery. Muscles are worked to fatigue and stretched out for release that help them the tone faster. The fast paced music and energy with co-ordinated repetitions make the total body workout enjoyable yet very intense. Using playground balls and light weights your muscles are made leaner and stronger. The body is pushed to its maximum limits, and here trembling muscles are considered a good thing. The high-tempo energizing music combined with precise technique deliver toned thighs ,glutes and hamstrings by giving immediate results.



Mat Sculpt

This class a total body Pilates mat workout with emphasis on breathe, core, form, alignment and core engagement. Using props like playground ball, pilates ring, and flex bands this workout is fun, high intensity and challenging. The class also relies on weight tubes, Bosu ball and stretch bands to push the workout to a higher level, leaving you with stronger and leaner muscles.

Private Session

Private pilates sessions are one on one personal attention. These are beneficial as the instructor can design a program for your specific needs and goals. In private classes, you get a better understanding of your body and the overall Pilates technique and breathing. It addresses your individual postural alignment injuries and postural inefficiencies to ensure you can achieve your personal goal. In a private session, you can utilize the complete range of Pilates equipment, reformer, wunda chair, arc barrel, jump board and Bosu progressing at your own individual pace. Private sessions are recommended for those currently in rehab.



Private Duet Session

Pilates semi private session is a great way to improve your strength, flexibility and posture. Here the instructor will take you through a series of exercises to work different muscle groups. It’s a session comprising of 2 people which ensure optimum level of personal attention.

Rehab Pilates

Rehab Pilates is a unique technique to help you recover from your injury and pain, to bring you to a state of fitness where you are fitter and stronger than before your condition. Physiotherapy deals with a short term treatment rather than long term prevention. Quite often once the course of physiotherapy has been completed, the underlying muscle imbalance and inadequate strategies remain which makes the body more susceptible to a recurring injury.